Calder Foundation presents

They might well have been remnants of the boat

Saturday, 11 May 2013, 2pm–10pm

180 Tenth Ave., New York City

On 11 May 2013, the Calder Foundation will present its third annual one-day exhibition and performance event aiming to create a platform for dialogue between contemporary and historical practices.

They might well have been remnants of the boat, a direct quote from Calder’s description of a 1942 commission for which he used aluminum cut from his handmade boat, takes as its point of departure Calder's intuitive dismissal of traditional artistic materials and practices. His choices intrinsically confronted conventional hierarchies—particularly aesthetic, but also socio-political. 

Featuring works ranging from Calder’s Tree (1941) and the live projection performance BATTLE: “Horizontal Vertigo–A propos Public Square” by Elka Krajewska vs. “Record Projection” by John Williams to Abigail Child’s recycled cinema film Dark Dark (2001) and the music of Anti-Pop Consortium, Remnants explores the use of materials that come readily to hand, a trend now ubiquitous throughout contemporary practices.

The curating is open form and gives precedence to components of real-time experience with continuously running presentations of sound and music, film, performances, and installations.