Calder: Stories opens at Centro Botín

Calder: Stories has opened at Centro Botín in Santander, Spain! Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and with an installation designed by Renzo Piano, the exhibition considers little known stories within Calder’s oeuvre, from the development of major public commissions to groundbreaking performances. The show will run through 3 November.



Alexander Calder: Radical Inventor opens at the National Gallery of Victoria

Alexander Calder: Radical Inventor has opened at ‪the National Gallery‬ of Victoria in Melbourne! The first Australian retrospective of the artist introduces audiences to the full breadth of Calder’s influential career as an inventor of new artistic forms, providing a rich overview of his extensive oeuvre, including explorative two-dimensional studies of line and space, three-dimensional wire portraits and circus figures, as well as his most acclaimed artistic inventions, the mobile and the stabile. The exhibition will run ‪through 4 August‬. 

Calder-Picasso opens at the Musée national Picasso-Paris

We are thrilled to announce Calder-Picasso, a major exhibition now on view at the Musée national Picasso-Paris. By exploring the resonances between these two seminal figures of twentieth-century art, this exhibition reveals a key connection: the exploration of the void, or the absence of space, which both artists defined from the figure through to abstraction. After it closes on 1 September, the show will travel to the ‪Museo Picasso‬ Málaga from 23 September–2 February 2020.

Calder/Kelly opens at Lévy Gorvy, New York

Calder/Kelly is now open at Lévy Gorvy, New York! Running through 9 January 2019, the exhibition is a discourse between generations that celebrates the artists’ friendship and their extraordinary experiences as Americans who were shaped by significant periods of time spent living in Paris. Animated by the tension between figuration and abstraction, the works on view suggest intriguing intersections, including the striking repartee between two- and three-dimensionality (which, in Calder’s case, extends to four-dimensionality) that is a notable element of each artist’s oeuvre.

Calder: Nonspace reviewed in the Los Angeles Times

“It’s about creating a space of personal access, about the tension when the steel meets the air.” Alexander S. C. Rower describes Calder: Nonspace at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles in Matthew Stromberg's review of the show for the Los Angeles Times. Read the full piece here.

Calder: Nonspace opens at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles

Calder: Nonspace is now on view at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles! Presenting primarily monochromatic abstract sculptures in both the South Gallery and the central open-air courtyard, the exhibition takes its title from a 1963 essay by American novelist James Jones. Upon encountering a series of large-scale sculptures at Calder’s Saché studio, Jones remarked: “[Calder] is willing to believe equally in a nonspace as well as in space. Because of this, his stabiles (and his mobiles as well) are able to fill a given space without occupying it … He has taken a given space and, by molding beautiful elements of steel around it, caused it to become nonspace.” The show will run through 6 January 2019.

Alexander Calder: Radical Inventor opens at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Alexander Calder: Radical Inventor is now on view at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts! The first Canadian retrospective of the artist presents nearly 100 works, many of which are on loan from the Calder Foundation, that portray the scope of his extraordinarily innovative multidisciplinary practice: from his wire sculptures to his paintings, and from his invention of the mobile to his monumental sculptures. The exhibition will run through 24 February 2019 before traveling on to the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

Alexander Calder: Theater of Encounters opens at Fundación Proa

Alexander Calder: Theater of Encounters is now open at Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires. Curated by Sandra Antelo-Suárez and featuring approximately sixty pieces, the exhibition explores Calder's multifaceted approach through a series of curatorial “propositions,” in which visitors experience the “continuous becoming” of the works of art in relational and emotionally energetic ways. The show will run through 13 January 2019.

Calder's domestic objects in The World of Interiors

In Alexander Calder: From the Stony River to the Sky at Hauser & Wirth Somerset, a large collection of the artist’s handcrafted domestic objects are currently on view, many of which are being shown publicly for the first time. In honor of their inclusion in the exhibition, Kaitlyn A. Kramer wrote about this lesser-known aspect of the artist’s oeuvre in this month’s The World of Interiors magazine. “Like his works of art, these domestic items demonstrate the artist’s unceasing creativity and authentic way of living,” Kramer writes. Read the article here.

Alexander Calder: From the Stony River to the Sky opens at Hauser & Wirth Somerset

Alexander Calder: From the Stony River to the Sky opens today at Hauser & Wirth Somerset! The major solo exhibition takes its inspiration from the artist’s long-time home and studio in Connecticut. Calder Foundation President Alexander S. C. Rower writes: “Roxbury had a direct impact on my grandfather’s work. He owned 18 acres and was inspired to bring sculpting outdoors for the first time. My grandparents thrived in the fresh air and lived close to the land. They also found relief from the rising fascism in Europe, and before long, they were directly assisting their artist friends to escape to the United States and to rural Connecticut in particular. In this way, they rebuilt their rich bohemian community that was a constant facet of their life, thereby making Roxbury home.”

On Friday, 22 June, Rower will be at Hauser & Wirth to speak on the subject of Calder and Roxbury. You can find more information here.