Schedule of Events

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Please note – this schedule is approximate and may be subject to change. Check back regularly for updates.

Download the event program here: 19 minutes leaflet.pdf

Installations & Sets:

Alexander Calder, Black Mobile with Hole, 1954

Mike Cooter, Untitled (Scarlet Street), 2005

Michael Fullerton, Nietzche’s House in Panascope, 2004

Phillipa Horan, March, 2011

Giles Round, Object Horror (OH NY), 2007/2011

Interval Programme:

Alexander Calder, Performance documentation/drawings, 1930s-50s

Kurt Vonnegut, soundtrack from ‘Arena’, 1983

Screenings & Performances:

2pm        Alexander Calder, Work in Progress, 1968

               Sally Potter, Combines, 1972

               Alexis Margerite Teplin, The Party, 2010

               Holton Rower, Pour, 2011

3pm        Herbert Matter, Works of Calder, 1950

               Rivane Neuenschwander, The Tenant, 2010

               Yves Klein, Essai de Toit d’Air, 1961

               Jamie Davidovich & Gordon Matta-Clark, Fake Estates, 1975


4pm        Hans Richter, From the Circus to the Moon, 1963

               Cara Tolmie, Room Studies, 2010

               Tony Oursler, The Weak Bullet, 1980

5pm        Gryphon Rue

               Matt McCormick, The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal, 2001

               Pablo Pijnappel, Andrew Reid, 2003

6pm        Torsten Lauchmann, Patchwork Cinema, 2010

               Corin Sworn, After School Special, 2009

               Ellen Cantor, The Techno Party (raw footage) from Pinochet Porn, 2011

7pm        Mika Tajima/New Humans, Dead by the Third Act, 2009

               Steven Cairns, Untitled (Take Me and It Back), 2011

               Nick Hallett & Brock Monroe, Threeway: for Xenia, 2011

               Ash Reid, Untitled, 2011

9pm       Alexander Calder, ‘A Nightmare Slideshow’, Paper Ball: Le Cirque des Chiffonieres. Dir. Pavel Pchelitchew, 1936       

               PC Worship

               Laure Prouvost, It Hit Heat, 2010

               Ava Luna

               Dara Birnbaum, Pop Pop Video: Kojak/Wang, 1980

               Dan Friel

               William Wegman, Reel 1 (Part 1), 1970-71

               Headless Horseman

               William Wegman, Reel 1 (Part 2), 1970-71

12pm      The So So Glos

               William Wegman, Reel 1 (Part 3), 1970-71


               William Wegman, Reel 1 (Part 4), 1970-71

               White Suns