A Calder Foundation Project

Co-sponsored by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

In association with AIR, Art International Radio and the Clocktower Gallery

Conceived by Victoria Brooks

‘Episodes’ curated by Victoria Brooks, Isla Leaver-Yap, Joe Ahearn/AIR & Nicola Lees

Maybe I should have called it ‘My Life in Nineteen Minutes’

Saturday 5 March 2011, 2pm – 2am

74 Pine St. (entrance on Pearl St.), New York City

Ava Luna, Dara Birnbaum, Steven Cairns, Alexander Calder, Ellen Cantor, Mike Cooter, Dan Friel, Friends, Michael Fullerton, Nick Hallett & Brock Monroe, Headless Horseman, Phillipa Horan, Yves Klein, Torsten Lauschmann, Jamie Davidovich & Gordon Matta-Clark, Herbert Matter, Matt McCormick, Rivane Neuenschwander, Tony Oursler, PC Worship, Pablo Pijnappel, Sally Potter, Laure Prouvost, Ash Reid, Hans Richter, Giles Round, Holton Rower, Gryphon Rue, The So So Glos, Snowden Snowden, Corin Sworn, Mika Tajima / New Humans, Alexis Marguerite Teplin, Cara Tolmie, White Suns, William Wegman and others.

Taking its name from Alexander Calder’s response to Work in Progress, his 1968 theatrical production, Maybe I should have called it ‘My Life in Nineteen Minutes’ is a twelve-hour one-day event that presents a continuous series of artist film screenings, performances and music. Presented within a series of artists’ transitory sets that include installations by Phillipa Horan, Michael Fullerton and Mike Cooter, Maybe I should have called it ‘My Life in Nineteen Minutes’ utilizes the intersection of performance space, cinema and gallery to present old and new experiments that seek to traverse the intervals of experience.

Influenced by Calder’s investigations into improvisational performance, appropriated materials and continual change through the development of his iconic ‘mobiles,’ Maybe I should have called it ‘My Life in Nineteen Minutes’ will traverse history by reading it through the present moment, zigzagging through different scenarios via the slippage of time and space. It will engage an active audience through different media and temporalities via numerous set-changes, playfully interrogating life’s intermissions.

Maybe I should have called it ‘My Life in Nineteen Minutes’ does not attempt to provide any definitive history but rather present experiments in art and performance that create dualities and fractures in temporality. It seeks to emphasize subjective bonds and multiple readings through the glitches, interruptions and set-changes to highlight the impossibility of a seamless reality.

Inspired by the long history of improvised DIY art performances as cultural strategy and the new Joost Elfers manifesto Sustainism, Maybe I should have called it ‘My Life in Nineteen Minutes’ will present a rare film of Calder’s seminal 1968 performance Work in Progress, accompanied by a series of cross-generational artist films and performances including Giles Round’s backdrop for ‘abjection’ Object Horror, a new opera for Xenia Cage by Nick Hallet and a performance by Steven Cairns, as well as bands and musicians including Ava Luna and the So So Glos.

Artists films punctuate the event, with screenings investigating the slippery notions of time, reality and meaning such as Laure Prouvost’s It Hit Heat, Pablo Pijnappel’s Andrew Reid and Corin Sworn’s After School Special to Torstan Lauschmann’s appropriation of past cinema tropes and cinematic material in Patchwork Cinema and Dara Birnbaum’s early experiments with pirated television material. Other screenings include artists whose work uses minimal, performative gestures and DIY sets, from the architectural demonstrations of Yves Klein’s Air Architecture, Jamie Davidovich’s documentation of Gordon Matta-Clark’s Fake Estates and Rivane Neuenschwander’s lyrical drift through an abandoned building in The Tenant to ‘theatre of the absurd’ performances by Alexis Margerite Teplin, Tony Oursler and William Wegman.

Maybe I should have called it ‘My Life in Nineteen Minutes’ will interrogate video as the document of a living act, sculptural sets that imagine limitless boundaries in the artifice of the world around us and investigate the semantics of communality and presence through art, cinema, music, performance and architecture.

Contacts and information:

Website                 www.calder.org/19minutes

Lily Lyons             lily@calder.org / +1 212 334 2424

Victoria Brooks    vic@theislandarts.org / +44 7968 477 636

Download press release here: PR 19 minutes.pdf

Maybe I should have called it ‘My Life in Nineteen Minutes’ is made possible by the financial support of the Calder Foundation and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

With thanks to the artists, The Island, Sketch, Kumho Investment Bank, Sciame Development Inc., Stephanie Goto, Jo Stella-Sawicka, Angela Kunicky.

Graphic design by Damien Poulain.